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Green Recycling., the company of choice for electronic recycling.


Green-Recycling Inc. was founded in October 2016 by two young entrepreneurs from Trois-Rivières. As they gained experience and knowledge in business management, computers and electronics, Philippe and Mikee decided to launch their own business and to live out their passion for the environment, business relationships and business services. 


The company already has more than 150 business partners, even after only a few months of activities, some of which are international companies. Green-Recycling Inc.’s objective is to provide companies with a professional, fast and effective solution to get rid and recycle their obsolete and unwanted electronics, peripherals and more. There is NO COST to our services, it is 100% free.


We offer several services such as electronic recycling, data wiping, hard drive destruction, etc.

There is no need to think about shipping or paying employees, it is all included in our services.

All the materials will be handled only by the employees of Green-Recycling Inc. before being dismantled and recycled. Therefore, there is no risk of having confidential data being stolen or copied, since it is in our values to recycle your electronics in a very ethical fashion.


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