A responsible, ecological and economical recycling.

Every year, thousands of tons of electronics are heading to landfills adding to the pollution issues. Green Recycling’s mission is to work towards eliminating this problem and, at the same time, relieving companies from the burden of keeping old and dysfunctional electronics.

Every time you send merchandise to Green Recycling, you can be assured that you are impacting positively your community through our support program. ​

Green Recycling gives back more than 10% of their net profit to COMSEP (Centre d'organisation mauricien de services et d'éducation populaire) and other organizations who help less fortunate kids.  
We also have several partners who employ people with minor or major disabilities and people in social integration

Green Recycling is not only ecological; your obsolete merchandise will have
a social impact.

Our principal partner :

COMSEP is a non-profit organization with more than 17 employees and 125 volunteers that help families in need by providing them with activities, meals, gifts, support and services of any kind.

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