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We recycle all kinds of devices Whether they are broken, functionnal or too old






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Uni recycle is

More than 7 989 pickups in Canada

111 994$in donation since 2019

128402 lbs recycleden Septembre 2020 only

4 reasons to choose Uni-Recycle

Recycle your electronics with a significant positive environmental impact, we plant trees thanks to the materials collected

Strict privacy policies and procedures while remaining simple and free for the customer. Each hard drive is erased

A service of unmatched simplicity offered by an efficient, serious, and professional team that will exceed your expectations

Created to serve businesses, our solutions are perfectly adapted to your specific needs : without compromise, without minimum quantity and above all free of charge

Choosing Uni-Recycle, is not only is choosing to encourage your community!

Since its creation in 2016, Uni-Recycle is fully committed to its community.

ln 2019, We planned a meaningful event and liquidated lots of electronical products and small home appliances and all the profits made were donated to Leucan. We proudly accumulated a grand total of 5 152$.

The same year, Uni-recycle Donated 55 000$ to Mira's Foundation to support them and their mission.

Choosing Uni-recycle is choosing to support your community!

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We want to thank you for thinking about but unfortunately, we can’t make domestics pickups.

We are considering a solution to that problem. Talk about us to your co-workers from the IT department. Suggest a combined collection of the old electronics at the office and also the ones that every employee has at home. You would just have to take everything with you the day of the pickup and we could even pick it up from your car trunk.