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lnk cartridges, all types of batteries, cellphones, computers, screens, ext…
Everything that is linked to electronics and computer, we take care of!

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Systematic and free destruction of your personal datas

We prefer to take no risks and for this reason every HDD that comes in Uni-Recycles Warehouse is automatically erased without a question.

We also offer you the possibility of obtaining additional services such as :

Erasure Certificate
Destruction certificate
Destruction on site
* The HDD are all erased by our erasing servers Destroyinator 60 following the U S DOD 5220.22-m standard with Kill Disk Industrial in a safe room.
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We are the only business in all of Quebec to offer this service free and without a minimum of material required
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Responsible recycling for our environment

Our recycling technics are innovated and responsible in manners of the environment.

We care for our planet and do everything to protect you mutually.

627 arbres plantés, since 2016.

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    We want to thank you for thinking about but unfortunately, we can’t make domestics pickups.

    We are considering a solution to that problem. Talk about us to your co-workers from the IT department. Suggest a combined collection of the old electronics at the office and also the ones that every employee has at home. You would just have to take everything with you the day of the pickup and we could even pick it up from your car trunk.