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Two young businesspeople from the Trois-Rivières region launched Uni-Recycle in 2016 with a lot of desire but limited resources, a dream, and a mission. Growing from a small “Start-Up” to a significant participant in electronics recycling with over 40 people, Uni-Recycle has profited over the years. Uni-Recycle’s efforts and expanding experience have allowed it to earn a number of certifications relevant to its industry, attesting to the dependability and excellence of its offerings. As it changes, the business never wavers from its core principles and keeps innovating with the ever-present goal of improving the community and the environment. Specifically, through a variety of local, sustainable, and circular economy projects that prioritize material reuse above recovery from.

Les moments marquants

Earth Day 2018

Uni-Recycle participated at the Earth Day celebration in an activity called plogging. Plogging means to collect waste and trash on the ground while slowly jogging.

For us, it was important to recognize the participances for the contribution by donating gift to them. All good actions should be rewarded, something that Uni-Recycle feels strongly about.

Tree Day 2018

Uni-Recycle also participated in Tree Day in collaboration with the city of Trois-Rivières. With the lead of the city, over 2000 trees that was distributed on that day.

On that day, 15 mature trees were planted on our offices property and 200 small trees were given randomly to people who wanted them.

Sale for profit of Leucan 2019

In August 2019, Uni-Recycle organised a huge clearance sale with the profit going to Leucan. All the electronics, computers and small appliances with some imperfections were sold during the event.

The event had a double positive impact, it allowed us to sell some materials that would have been recycled because of their imperfections. This allowed us to give 5150$ to Leucan just with the profit of sale.

Opening our work platform

In September 2021, Uni-Recycle has open its own work platform on the company’s premises in collaboration with the CIUSSS MCQ. The platform can accommodate 60 users per week with autism spectrum disorders or disabilities. The goal of the project is to promote the community integration of people with disabilities by providing them with an opportunity to develop their skills and abilities through work.


Depuis février 2022, Uni-Recycle possède 3 certifications internationales ISO agissant à titre de normes de qualité (ISO 9001), de santé sécurité (ISO 45001) et de management environnemental (ISO 140001).

Our reasons for being

We want to make a difference in the lives of those who will come after us, whether it be future generations or others. We believe that as a company, it is mandatory to invest in the community and in the environment and that is what we do.

Our mission

Uni-Recycle is committed to having a major impact on the environment and the community through its computer recycling services.

Our vision

Uni-Recycle is committed to providing the best possible service to its customers. We always aim to raise the bar on our services to maintain our position as a leader in our field.



We carry out our actions (social, environmental, etc.) so that they have a long-term impact, that they can last over time (tree planting, work tray, etc.) and that they have a lasting impact.


We want to offer our customers and companies excellence (can not be better) in all circumstances to meet their needs.


We want to eliminate all possible barriers to IT electronic recycling and base our service on its simplicity, speed and efficiency.


As a company, we want to assume our responsibility towards our customers and their confidentiality, but also as an actor in society, by reducing environmental impacts, giving more (chances) to the community, etc.


We strive to see ever further and to improve, in our innovations, ideas, processes in a principle of sustainable development.


In July 2017, Mikee et Philippe had to hire a new employee to help support the growth of the business. A few months later, they had to add new members to their team in order to meet the demands that were much bigger than before. The services being free, simple and without any restriction had been major factors in the expansion of Uni-Recycle.


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